Welcome to Paribus Global 

Paribus Global has been providing high level technical and functional IT consultancy and recruitment solutions across the complete project life cycle since 2000.

We have helped deliver successful projects to over 200 major corporations worldwide. Some of our key successes have featured the following technologies:

Financial IT: Murex, Calypso, Summit, Sophis, 4Sight,  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): SAP, Oracle Applications, JDE, CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Oracle CRM, SAP CRM, Siebel, ,BI (Business Intelligence): Siebel Analytics, SAP BI, Oracle BI, Datawarehousing

Paribus Global is unique in that it is a partnership of IT consultants and recruitment professionals with a combined experience of 22 years. This empowers us to understand the technology, the business, and of course, how to deliver key people to bring the two together in robust and practical solutions.

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